How Sainsbury’s redeemed itself AFTER it mocked slavery by @dmhwhite

Heard the one about a Sainsbury’s employee promoting the Oscar-winning DVD release of 12 Years a Slave…by dressing up a mannequin as a slave? Unfortunately, it’s true. And, thanks to Twitter, everyone can… Continue reading

How much drug slang is in hip-hop? These handy infographics will help…

If, like me, you have literally no ideas what the hell large proportions of drug slag actually means (but have inkling) these rather lovely infographics will clear the whole thing up once and… Continue reading

The Lifespan of a Blog by @theawkwardblog

I tried to come up with a catchy title for this post, but there’s just no way of spinning something sexy for my question- what happens when bloggers get older? Is there a… Continue reading

Every Campaign Starts (and Ends) with People By @JoeCortez

The last time I saw my good friend Chavo, we were on his back deck debating the problems of the world over chilled bourbon. The topic of particular interest that day was public… Continue reading

Becoming One With A Mosquito by @TommyHolgate

Bleedin’ mosquitoes, eh guys? A phrase many of us will have uttered by way of referring to the ‘little buggers’ post-bite. Cheryl Cole is not a fan, and nor were I for many… Continue reading

The Disturbing realism of Disney

Ever wondered what a more realistic Disney universe might look like? No, me neither. That said, when some mentalist that works as a Nickelodeon storyboard animator as his day job did that very… Continue reading

Qantas launch sickening social campaign: #qantasblankcanvas

Like me, many find the mere notion of the interminable thirty hour flight to the land down-under exhausting, boring and, in the case of those suffering from dickey tummies or in flight nerves,… Continue reading

#Foodporn by @TomCenci

Foodselfies as they are apparently known (the art of taking pictures of the food you’re about to eat) are almost common place now, a guilty pleasure that I’m pretty sure were all a… Continue reading

It’s complicated by @dinewhitme

I think modern day relationships have 3 crucial “make or break” moments. At 3 months, the rose tinted glasses come off and you have to decide whether or not the person you’ve been… Continue reading

Do you hear the people sing? Sing the songs of angry men by @sportmarketing1

The words of Les Miserables and the stand out lyrics of the impending French Revolution whilst setting up the barricades has a vibrant resonance with some modern day perceptions and echoes of PR.… Continue reading