Music you can see…

Merging the dual disciplines of first year university science experiments and electronic beats, musician Nigel Stanford has created that elusive beast that is a viral video – one in which the viewer can… Continue reading

Dark and Dreary

Was bit of a miserable day yesterday, but all the more atmospheric for it…  


Some more shots from The Southbank and further afield…

Most mental music video of all time?

So, looks like the Chinese are attempting to out sell, and more importantly, out weird PSY in the mental music video stakes with ‘Chick Chick’ by pop star Wang Rong. It seems the… Continue reading

Snapping at other things

Took a wander with the camera through Covent Garden and down to The Southbank and grabbed some shots on a very cold day in November. Still surprised at how little people care you… Continue reading

Snapping at things

Haven’t blogged in quite a wee while, as have been spending a lot of time wandering the streets of London in an aimless fashion …oh, and I bought a camera.

Mag + Art

Stumbled across a funny wee Tumblr that juxtaposes classic magazine covers over classic art. Here’s some of the best… Mag + Art

The Good, the bad and the Ugly or should I say the tweet, the regram and the like by @TomCenci

Social media is now a part of our everyday lives and there is no escaping it, it can be a great tool to reach a vast audience very quickly but it can also… Continue reading

Audience first; filters and hashtags second by @AmyFeldtmann

A few weeks ago, I sat in a room listening to a ‘social media expert’. Preceded by roughly 20 PowerPoint slides full of data and tips, they said ‘Twitter is dead, everyone is… Continue reading

Real-time Twitter Marketing: Preparing for the Surge by @mwilloughby1984

Despite the fractious nature of the British climate I am willing to wager that all of us have felt a certain lightening of the soul and spirit as the first signs of summer… Continue reading