Bleak London

A selection of snaps in black and white of the posh and, lets face it, touristy parts of London. Looks a bit bleak doesn’t it.

The World’s First Piggyback Taxi Service

The concept of confectionary brands grabbing our attention through a cheeky PR stunt or two in an effort to flog the stuff, most recently employed by Zang ‘the caffeinated chocolate brand’ in South… Continue reading

How to troll a book shop

An unnamed mischief maker in the US decided that the sections at his local book store were a wee bit uninspiring. So, he made up a few sections of his own… Original here… Continue reading

Gusts of creativity created by @MartinSzaboFoto

Snapper Martin Szabo really likes taking photographs, however what he loves more is blasting 240MPH gusts into the faces of models from a leaf blower. The results? Really interesting ones, with a dash… Continue reading

Everyday Superhero

Super talented photographer Edy Hardjo has created a photo series of some iconic superhero action figures immersed in everyday situations. Check out more of Edy’s stuff here https://m.facebook.com/hrjoephotography?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fhrjoephotography

Get out of London! by @nikkoster

Following another day planning an elaborate train schedule across the UK with a week ahead of me lugging around a heavy suitcase full of POS, booze and a regrettable timetable of too many… Continue reading

Household doodling by @abstractsunday

Berlin based artist Christoph Niemann has a rather cool instgram feed in which he posts illustrations that bring to life everyday household objects. He is a pretty epic doodler by all accounts cand… Continue reading

The angles of art

German art duo ‘Zebrating‘ spend their days forcing eager street art lovers to crane their necks and peer round corners with their unique perspective on graffiti. Viewable only at the very precise perspective… Continue reading

Shine unveils the ‘People’s Oscars’

In a lovely bit of agency self-promotion, the clever folk at Shine conducted something of a social experiment in the run up to The Oscars – testing whether The Academy’s views reflected that… Continue reading