Nike Knit Giant Shoes in Real Time

Nike’s latest ad campaign for “innovative Free Flyknit technology” sparked some equally innovative thinking on the PR front from their Chinese marketing department, in the form of some extreme knitting. Working alongside associates… Continue reading

11 Year Old YouTuber Turns Old Spice into Rocky

An 11 year old lad by the name of Quinn Sheeran has become an unlikely internet sensation, through a bit of ingenuity and clever invention when it comes to…hacking Old Spice. Cannibalising the… Continue reading

Cooking with Walken

There is very little to say about this, other than its good. No, in fact its great, just great…. Enjoy.

Crowd Sourcing Music by Wrecking Records

Currently crowd sourcing is all the rage and it seems every designer, artiste, bon-vivant  and outstanding London craft beer brand *wink* are having a go – so when it comes to music, the… Continue reading

¡¿ Viva La Restaurant Revolution !? – eatery exclusively serves conflict zone cuisine

The hungry people of Pittsburgh have been ditching diplomacy and waging a war on gastronomy with the launch of ‘Conflict Kitchen’ – a one-of-a-kind restaurant exclusively serving food from countries the US is… Continue reading

Tadaa! Like Instagram, but in 3D

First came green and red specs, then Smurf-ahontas/Dances with Wolves mash-up Avatar and a desire to print plastics followed, but now comes the dawn of ‘Tadaa’ – giving the general public the ability… Continue reading

‘3 Minutes in Italy’ with San Pellegrino Robot

To launch their ‘three minutes in Italy’ campaign, purveyors of high-class sparkling H2O San Pellegrino are giving customers the opportunity to spend 180 seconds as a tourist in the town of Taormina –… Continue reading

Does This Make Scents?

I’m not going to lie to you, when I first read about artist/designer/nutcase Omer Polak’s ‘S Sense’ project, it took me quite a while to understand a) the point and b) why its… Continue reading

Appy Meals: Peer-to-Peer Food Sharing

The NRDC estimate that 40% of food in the United States goes to waste and ends up in landfill, with Americans throwing away $165 billion annually and making rotting food the single largest… Continue reading

Water Menu gets a dry run in LA LA Land

Get out your diaries and mark the 12 August 2013 as the day that hype won and the restaurant industry finally disappeared up its own arse. Coincidentally, it’s also the day that LA… Continue reading