Vegetarians….look away now (VR slaughterhouse)

Ever wondered what actually goes on inside a slaughterhouse? Probably not… but a new “unique immersive experience” known as iANIMAL has been created by animal welfare group Animal Equality in an attempt to change the eating habits of young people in the UK – by exposing them to the harsh realities via the medium of VR.


Currently touring the country to test the resolve of even the most committed carnivores, the seven-minute tour takes users through the life of a factory-farmed pig – ranging from  piglets being tail-docked and castrated, sows stacked in tiny pens and males being fattened in such a way that many succumb to disease. The multisensory onslaught comes complete with bleeding animal carcasses, piglets torn from their mothers and the harrowing squeals of those being led to slaughter.

With the experience being especially targeted at young people (because they are more likely to adopting a new eating regime), the hope is that this film will go some way to enlightening the Brits about the brutal reality of the meat industry.


Although incomparable to the VR experience, you can take the tour online here… however you do need a strong stomach for what you are about to see.