The Lifespan of a Blog by @theawkwardblog

I tried to come up with a catchy title for this post, but there’s just no way of spinning something sexy for my question- what happens when bloggers get older? Is there a lifespan for a blog? The A Team of the blogging world today, will they still be around 10-15 years from now? Will Rumi Neely still be wearing a slip dress the size of my tea towel in her 40S or even 50s? Will all the food bloggers have dropped dead from years of trendy burger abuse? These are the things I ponder at 11am when my coffee kicks in.

Maybe, like Hollywood stars, they’ll be pushed into a quiet corner of the internet while the next Bieber of the blogging (or vlogging) world takes over. You can’t be an A List blogger nowadays without your own Youtube channel. Youtube superstars Zoella and Co cause mass hysteria at Youtube conventions. Zoella blogged a few days ago about fan girls screaming and crying when meeting her, invoking the same hysterical image of crying Take That and Beatles fans. But what happens when those fans grow up and move onto other things? How long will the blogging bubble last?

It’ll be really interesting to see how long running blogs survive over time and whether or not readers will still relate and aspire to their favourite fashion and lifestyle bloggers. How will their blog content adapt? What’s their Plan B? Maybe they will just disappear and stay immortalized in cyber space, like a modern day Death Becomes Her. Maybe there will be another yet-to-be-invented online platform that launches the next Internet superstar. During the Myspace days, nobody could have imagined Facebook’s invention and world domination. Social Media wasn’t even a word yet. Like Myspace, is the death clock counting down for the humble blog?

My own blog is barely a year old and I’ve already been thinking about its lifespan. What if I don’t stop? What if I keep on blogging? My Plan B is to just keep on going until I don’t want to- that’s a solid plan right there! I can’t wait to blog about getting my OAP bus pass. My future grandchildren will be all oh, there goes Nana with that blogging thing again, as they eye roll and send each other telepathic Snapchat messages as I mutter that back in my day kids relied on wifi and emojis (Telepathy aside, I also hope that The Future produces a hoverboard of some sort, at the very least)


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