Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide by @theawkwardblog

Last summer, I signed up to Blogger, registered a domain name and boom. I was a blogger. My last foray into blogging was in the 90’s- I was 17 and it was a shared weblog with a group of boys. The posts were mostly about video games, wrestling, punk rock and penis jokes. Not a cat, cup of tea or Lo Fi filtered photo in sight. Fast forward too many years later and blogs have exploded all over the internet- mainly female bloggers with a penchant for umm…cats, tea and Instagram. I am guilty of 2 of the three.

What is it about blogs in general that attracts such a huge audience? Once upon a time you could gage a person’s character by the magazines they read. For instance were you an NME or Smash Hits reader? More magazine or Cosmopolitan? FHM or Nuts? Sugar or Bliss? Nowadays, it feels like people bond more over the blogs they read and the bloggers they idolize. Do you read The Londoner or Lily Melrose? Man Repeller or Fashion Toast? And don’t even get me started on blog categories! Do you read lifestyle, fashion, craft, interiors, parenting or beauty blogs? Maybe all of the above? Such choice! Much reading!

This is why I think blogging has flourished. It’s like an online Truman Show, keeping up with a blogger over time and buying into the shiny happy lifestyle they have- watching a pair of smiley newlyweds become parents of cute moccasin wearing babies, or an awkward teenage blogger posting their daily outfits become a regular face sitting in all the right front rows during Fashion Week. People invest their time into these snippets of a stranger’s life; they feel like they’ve gotten to know them and they place their trust in them. We escape into these people’s lives. I feel like bloggers have a stronger influence in pushing products and clothes than ever before, more so than anything published in a magazine. It’s a powerful medium.

So why did I start a blog? Mine came about as a means of escape from a former dreary job and turned into a hobby I love. I don’t fancy myself as an expert in anything, nor do I feel like my fashion sense is worthy of a blog post- not a Loubie or Chanel bag in sight I’m afraid. But I do love the engagement- getting to know other bloggers as a community! Someone out there thinks I wrote something funny! It’s like scratching an itch I didn’t know I had. If you were thinking of starting a blog- by all means go for it! I can’t guarantee your inbox will be flooding with fan mail, but you will be part of a giant kinship and that, as my hipster dad would say, is totally cool man.


Angela Bowron is the writer of The Awkward Blog, she says dude and man a lot and is probably the secret lovechild of Jeff Bridges and Matthew McConaughey. She can be found buying unripe bananas in North London and trying to wean herself down to 3 black Americanos a day.

She tweets from @theawkwardblog