The Musical Pringles Organ

Exactly what is says on the cylindrical tin really – a working musical organ made entirely from tubes of Pringles…well…the boxes.

Created by Brooklyn based ‘mixed media artists’, whatever the hell that is, Fall On Your Sword (FYOS) using 250 empty cans of the stackable crisps.

The video below shows the thing in action, however how it works is a far more complex affair – a mix of unique design, clever software and magic using an iPad and Pringles boxes connected to springs to make the keys. The individual keys then produces a note, with the air from the fans within  fired through the vertical pipes, with tones based on pre-recorded organ noises.

What’s even better is that the wonderfully-mental folk that made it held back a few bags of uneaten crisps which were subsequently recorded for their rustling abilities – adding a bit of percussion to the sound of the organ.

If you are US based and fancy a look for yourself, this crispy masterpiece is due to be featured at Gawker’s annual Silent Disco in New York City.