The Beginning: Making and Marketing Music by @blue_garnets

On the 21 March 2014, the first official Jules and the Blue Garnets single, ‘The Beginning’, was released- I’d like to tell you a little bit about how it all happened.

I remember reading when I was younger that if you sit with a pen and a piece of paper for long enough, just writing, that eventually your true feelings will come out. For me, this has become the most natural way to write music. I pick up an instrument and I sing. Sometimes the words come first, sometimes the tune- it’s a very natural process. It doesn’t always happen, there are days when nothing seems to work- but when you find your hook, there is nothing better.

‘The Beginning’ was the first song I wrote on the ukulele. It was during a particularly hot week in July 2013 and I had gone to my room for a break from the sun. I had recently bought my uke and I was enjoying the ease of four strings compared with the usual six. As I sat strumming the uke, I began humming a tune that would later become the outro of the single. By the time the sun went down that evening, ‘The Beginning’ had well and truly begun.

My band mate, Rob, and I then hatched a plan to release it as an official single. This was new territory for us- we had released an EP previously, but never a single. We have always done recordings independently with rob at the helm of the production desk. Once we got going, the song took on a life of it’s own. We began throwing in new instruments here, new rhythms there and new harmonies everywhere!

All of a sudden, we were weeks away from the single release. We had a single, a dubstep remix (!), a music video, a pile of printed CDs and a venue booked for the launch. Our Facebook and Twitter were crammed with launch updates and when the night came, we couldn’t be happier. We had support from the fantastic, Al Shields and the Wilted Roses and a brilliant crowd- they even sang along- this is high praise for a songwriter! Following the success of the launch night, the single was featured on Jim Gellatly’s ‘New Music’ podcast (no.278 if you fancy a listen) and Rob, Chris and I were all smiling from ear to ear.

After writing, recording, producing and releasing the single, we are left with one final, tricky task- promoting it. This is a problem faced by many musicians- how do I get my music to reach as many ears as possible? I have sung and strummed and blogged and emailed and I have been overwhelmed with the response- now I need to keep the momentum going- until my little hook catches the ear of someone with the power to spread my music far and wide.

‘The Beginning’ is now available for download on ITunes and Amazon. Please check out the video here:


Julia Hoare is one of the founding members of up and coming Edinburgh folk/pop band Jules and the Blue Garnets.

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