Need an excuse? Ask Moyes @Lisa_Middleton_

Need an excuse fast but fresh out of ideas? Now you can have a ready-made excuse courtesy of Manchester United manager David Moyes.

The city’s newspaper, the Manchester Evening News, today launched it’s new ‘game’ – the Moyes random excuse generator. Type in your question or problem and one of Moyes’ many excuses from his reign at United is pinged back to you instantly.

To be honest, the excuses don’t really make that much sense to the question or problem, but given United’s decline since the ‘Moyesiah’ took charge, it’s a bit of tongue in cheek fun. I’m not usually one to jump on the ‘kick a man when he’s down’ bandwagon but as an Everton fan, I can’t help a small smile at this cheeky game.

Check it out:




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