Odd couple’s two bed giant hamster wheel

For those of us who know what it’s like to endure the intense irritations of sharing a flat with friends, this art project really helps to put things into perspective.

The project in question known only as ‘In Orbit’, is the creation of artists Ward Shelly and Alex Schweder as they explore the social relationships around sharing personal space  – courtesy of a giant hamster wheel dwelling space (obviously). To all intents and purposes the circular spinning structure is an unconventional two bedroom flat – one on the inside and one on the outside of the wooden wheel.

Featuring all of the expected basic furnishings any man, or indeed woman, would need to live a happy and healthy life for a full ten days, each artist flits between desks, beds, chairs and kitchen spaces, all of which are paralleled in exactitude both internally and externally. It is here that the more than mildly pretentious ‘artistic exploration’ comes from the need for when one feels the need to change their position in the ‘flat’, their counterpart must also do the same lest spin the wheel off kilter.

Subsequently the artistic performance comes from the requirement to obsessively follow each other in a rigorously controlled way, continually keeping on their respective toes.

Currently situated at New York’s Boiler gallery until the 5th April, patrons can get a live demonstration as the duo drop in and out of the gallery and their magical mystical wooden wheel…