New York neighbourhoods built on brands

It’s no shock to anyone to say that are surrounded by a tapestry of brands, many of which permeate into all aspects of our daily lives. It’s also no surprise that the spiritual home of this type of thing is in fact the very place in which it was born – over the pond in the rootin-tootin US of A.

Taking this ethereal concept to a more literal place, British designer, James Campbell Taylor took a good look at Manhattan and worked out which brands were most ubiquitous in each of the different neighbourhoods – expressing its name by aligning each’s attributes with those of particular brand.

Named City in Chains, the fourteen New York neighbourhoods became something else entirely, with the likes of Greenwich Village merging with Starbucks, Soho turns into UNIQLO and Midtown becoming eerily like Maccy D’s.

Some are clearly more flattering than others, but what is expressed here is a clever brand alignment between commercial enterprise and the unique branding of the locale. What’s more, almost exclusively all of the brands are mass market – railing against NYC’s culturally cutting edge image.

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