Valentines Day: a commercial reason to pretend to give a f*ck by @Jess_Champion

Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping it. If you get out of bed on February 14th, St Valentine’s day will be rammed in your face. But whatever side of the fence you sit on (I’m on the ‘sod off’ side) there’s no denying that some brands come up with stunts and marketing ploys that Cupid himself would be proud of. Here’s a round-up of some I’ve spotted thus far:


Not a firm to shy away from the odd stunt or two, Uber has your valentine’s needs covered with its #ubercheeky campaign. For £45 you can have a pair of pants delivered directly to your valentine.  Who say’s romance is dead?

This one’s for the recently single among us. If you’re haunted by the prospects of a night in on the sofa in your pajamas sobbing along to ‘all by myself’, never fear – comes to the resue with its Rent-a-Rebound package.

York Castle Museum

What’s the worst Valentine’s day gift you’ve ever received? An aunt of mine once received a vacuum cleaner. I’ll leave it to you to imagine what she did with it. But amid a spate of blog posts detailing the Worst Valentine’s Gifts Ever, the York Castle Museum has identified a clear winner by unearthing a 112 year old Valentine’s card – adorned with a real hair moustache.


And finally . . .

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

This one’s not strictly relevant as it’s not associated with a brand. But it’s a good story nonetheless.

Are you half of one of the thousands of couples heading to the cinema to snuggle up with your loved one for Valentine’s day? Then spare a thought for the couples of Shanghai who fancied a jolly to watch a romantic film at the Shanghai Xintiandi cinema. According to the Guardian, some prankster’s gone and booked all the odd numbered seats – forcing couples to sit apart.

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Happy Valentine’s day!


Jess Champion is head of PR at digital marketing agency Distilled and tweets from @Jess_Champion