Creating an idea or designing a dress? by @Becky_7118

It’s difficult to write about an idea that was born out of somebody else’s creativity. To do it successfully, you would need to unlimited access their inner thought processes. A secret window into their soul, passion and drive, and everything that works in harmony to create that single idea, that sought after light bulb moment.

So for me, I can only talk about my own creative ideas, and all the small things that feed into my very own eureka moment.

As a person who has always been obsessed with fashion, thinking about it, wearing it, reading it – but has never been able to build a career around it, I’ve reached an age where I feel I can do it without the necessary qualifications, or the countless cups of tea associated with working your way up from the ground of fashion or publishing houses. Not to be negative about this route, it’s a tried and tested method that has generated the best talent we have in the fashion industry today. My point is more about the fact that just because I didn’t study fashion, doesn’t mean I can’t claim my own stake in the industry and develop a creative idea that offers something unique, something tangible that epitomizes my vision and style.

I take inspiration from my nan, who was completely self-taught and the most amazing dressmaker I’ve ever seen, from a simple shift dress to three-piece trouser suits, she made the most intricate designs seem effortless. Nothing was too much of a challenge for her to take on. I remember her spending six months sewing crystal’s on to the every surface of the satin skirt of my Aunties wedding dress. The result was breathtaking.

I’ve seen enough evidence to suggest that in making your own stamp on the fashion industry, you don’t need qualifications, you need a spark, unique style and a creative idea.

And for me, it’s not about buying a job lot of plain cotton T-shirts and developing a site that lets someone create what image they want to go onto it. I don’t want to make random dresses that hang in boutique shops, I want to create garments that people want, or garments that people they need! I want to find exquisite material and turn it into clothing that people will love and want to wear season after season.

I imagine a website, laid out with an assortment of fabrics, patterns and prints to choose from. From there you would choose your own design based on your body shape and skin tone. You get to pick everything including the texture, print, cut then let’s you see how it might look on a model similar to your size and skin tone. Once happy, everything is exported to a shopping cart and you only pay when you tried on and are happy.

I’m sure there are similar business models out there but this one would be unique to me. It would also lend itself to footwear, leaving the user to create their own shoe to cater to whatever size and style they wanted. Being a size 2, I know the demand exists.

I’m still yet to fulfill many of my dreams but as long as I carry on being creative then I know the creation of my ideas could become the making of not only a dress, but also a business. Head to toe fashion design from the comfort of your own sofa. Creativity is not just a state of mind, it can also be a way of life.


Becky McCormick is a PR and blogger, writing for and tweeting from @Becky_7118