How The Naked Sledding World Championship can help your PR by @zmatyak

What is more eye-catching than someone half-naked? Thirty half-naked young people from about fifteen countries. Even better if they are participating in a sledding competition. Now, you cannot get that image out of your head, can you?, a British activity based events company, set out to find the two people who will represent Britain in The Naked Sledding World Championship 2014 held in Braunlage, Germany on 15 February. Realising the PR opportunities residing in the race, Chillisauce hopped on the back of the rather unusual sporting event and booked two entry places. They then launched a competition for landing one of the two spots of the British naked sledding team. Chillisauce will pay for the flights and accommodation of the lucky winners making the competition even more attractive, if the €1000 winning prize wouldn’t be enough.

Chillisauce_Your country needs you

Those who have an irresistible urge to step up for Britain and win The Naked Sledding World Championship 2014 have to fill in a ‘rigorous’ application form, listing some fun facts about themselves and answering questions like ‘Do you have any hidden talents that may help you win the race or party tricks that will make you stand out at the after party?’ which applicants are encouraged to address in a Youtube video.

This is a promising sharable content generator even before the race, just like their recruitment video. After uploading some ’awesome’ pictures about themselves as well -for Chillisauce is self-reportedly biased towards good-looking candidates-, the anticipation can begin whether the ’I participated in a world championship’ statement will be able to enrich the candidates’ pick-up line collection.

The call for applications is in itself a good way to create buzz around the company, but the big PR idea is that it won’t be Chillisauce who will choose the finalists. The audience will be able to vote for who they want to sled down the German slopes wearing only their pants, shoes and a helmet.

Placing the power in the hands of fans will surely drive engagement as browsing among pretty girls and boys and deciding which one they would like to see sledding half-naked is likely to leave an impression or two. Let alone the fact that candidates are expected to campaign for votes among their communities and beyond, so Chillisauce will get exposure by word-of-mouth and through social networking sites as well, through the hashtag #nakedsledding, for example. Chillisauce will probably not fail to update everyone about the competition once it is under-way which will again create meaningful multi-media content.

The whole campaign revolves around participation in the World Championship and provides promising media relation opportunities as well. The British entry into the competition (1), the announcement of who will represent Britain (2) and eventually how Britain did in the race (3) imply the possibility of press releases with exciting news-hooks for publications targeting young people (as well), the main target audience of Chillisauce.

So who will be those lucky two that will be in the race to get another sporting honour for Great Britain? No matter what may come, from a PR perspective Chillisauce is likely to be the biggest British winner of this competition.


Zsuzsanna Matyak is a PR postgraduate student at the University of Westminster. She previosuly graduated with a First Class degree from Film & Media with Journalism at the University of Stirling.

She is currently looking for a PR internship at a London PR agency two days a week to accompany her studies with experience.

Twitter handle: @zmatyak