I Can’t Get No Olfaction

This is a weird one, a properly odd bit of concept timepiece design (not a sentence I ever thought I’d use).

Created by Aisen Caro Chacin, the Scent Rhythm Watch is a piece of tech that could not only spell the end for the humble wrist-watch, but the way we perceive time. The idea is that the user is no longer aware of seconds, minutes and hours and instead senses specific scents for different stages throughout the day.


Designed as part of an on-going investigation into sensory perception, the Scent Rhythm Watch maps fragrances in sequence with the users body daily cycle, meaning that each smell corresponds specifically with everything from doing something as small as waking up, being active, relaxing and sleeping.

The watch is made from four miniature glass bulbs – each filled with a small amounts of distinct and unique fragrances – at six hour intervals, the timepiece expels the scent selected for that time of day – such as coffee first thing in the morning, lavender when it’s bedtime or WKD and sweat when it hits 8pm.


The watch releases vapour like a mini-fog machine; a process which uses a piezoelectric atomizer and ultrasonic vibrations (pffft…whatever the hell that is).

Powered by a miniature lithium-ion battery, it can be recharged via a micro-USB port on the wristband, lasting a full 24 hours each time.

…told you it was weird.