The Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise by @Sarah_PD_Rachul

In 1974 Stephen King released his first published novel, Carrie. Since then that novel has inspired a feature film (1976), a sequel to that film (1999), a Broadway musical (1988) and a television movie (2002). Then in October of 2013, the American film industry decided that wasn’t enough and released a feature film remake of the 1976 film.

Carrie debuted on October 18, 2013, but to build excitement for this already well known story the film’s PR team had to get creative. They already had two stars to pull in the crowd (Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore) but they needed something more. Perhaps something supernatural? Impossible you might say!

Well this team achieved the impossible by scaring the absolute cr*p out of innocent New York City coffee shop customers and garnering over 52 million views on YouTube, all in the name of Carrie.


A team of specialists tricked out said coffee shop with spring loaded bookshelves, remote controlled tables and chairs and the main event: a stuntman attached to a pulley against a fake wall. This stuntman was the highlight of the prank as he became of victim of the team’s fake Carrie. After spilling coffee on her books, she throws him against a wall in a rage which then sets off the rest of the telekinetic prank. All in all I think this was a great publicity stunt for Carrie.


Judging by the reactions in the video, the team managed to freak out everyone in the coffee shop and help keep Carrie’s iconic power alive. Creating a hash tag to go with the video is just the whipped cream on top of the latte (if you’ll excuse the pun).


Sarah Rachul is a student at the Ohio University E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

She tweets from @Sarah_PD_Rachul