Doc Brown – My Proper Tea

A furious music video about tea etiquette.

Very, Very Orange City

Here are some snaps from a recent trip to Cartagena in Colombia. Incredible place and one of the most brightly coloured cities I think I have ever been to. Few of my favourite… Continue reading

Vegetarians….look away now (VR slaughterhouse)

Ever wondered what actually goes on inside a slaughterhouse? Probably not… but a new “unique immersive experience” known as iANIMAL has been created by animal welfare group Animal Equality in an attempt to… Continue reading

When evil smiles

A truly unsettling compilation of sinister smiles from the silver screen

Cigarette ash offers creative outlet for artist

Artist come instagrammer Shin Shinrashige is trying to kick his cigarette habit by creating realistic portraits of some famous faces by meticulously separating the gray and black bits fag ash into intricate illustrations. Here’s… Continue reading

Stylised animation goes inside Stephen Hawking’s mind

To mark the great professor’s Reith Lecture, which broadcasts on Radio 4 at 9am on 26th January, ‘Inside his Head’ is a wonderfully stylised visual kaleidoscope that offers a pithy celebration of Hawking’s… Continue reading

The Collection (by @IKEAUK)

It’s the final day at The Proud Archivist and have had a cracking week all in, building, shooting and opening the doors to ‘The Collection’ by IKEA. Bringing together the UK’s most passionate… Continue reading

There is a Tumblr dedicated to the carpets of JD Wetherspoon’s

…and it’s glorious.

Human Taxidermy (sort of)

Sculptor Kate Clark has just gained a bit of fame from doing taxidermy. All well and good, but this taxidermy replaces the animal faces with human ones. Weird. Sure. Creepy, doesn’t cover it.… Continue reading

Snappers Play Hide and Seek with Nature

Russian photographer Laila Pregizer plays a game of hide and seek (of sorts) featuring body art and naked ladies fusing themselves with the nature around them. The ‘Metamorphosis Project’ was created to “highlight the parallels… Continue reading